Thursday, September 10

All Prophecies come true

There once was a far away land
with a far out man
out there he dreamt of very strange things
Among the things strange of which he would dream
a nation no longer fooled with dollars and percents
but a waking world serching for themselves

in this land the strange man lived
few every slowed to exist
for the roses grew tall, the sun rose and would fall
so beautifully
With no apologies did this man exist
he had secrets remembered from another time he used to live
no explanation need be made, this is just how it was
so sometimes his ways seemed harsh, sometimes mistook for what it was not
but as he had seen, the bookmakers and deans
had turned EVERYTHING around
here in this world lies began to grow
therefore the man had to seperate
And as the lies they grew
nothing would they not do
to achieve their temporary desires
so far from our true purpose, the man shook his head
he made a speech, showed all the examples
but just as time and time again, no one could understand
they had all been lied to and lied so much, truth was now obscene
so away they took him
for the cardinal sin of being honest he must burn
we all know there's no room for honesty when all that matters is money

1 comment:

Jason said...

Just to be completely clear I am not speaking of jesus (who I truly believe was once called Lucifer) or any judeo christian god.