Wednesday, August 13

Madness (we has it)

This is what the workshop looked like last weekend:

Let's play a game. Click the image above to see the notes I've added. Then add your own notes to anything that amuses you. There is so much fun stuff on the floor.

There's something else we need you to do, too. Share this blog and our home page,, with your friends. We'll do a link exchange on this blog for any sites that seem relevant. (Yes: paranormal and fiction sites. No: sites selling diet pills.)

Little Apocalypse is creative commons and open to contributions, so get in touch with us if you want a sneak peek at the dev site. And if you're not ready by August 31st, no problem, the project continues afterwards. We'll be looking for writers who can help us build a wiki, and artists and musicians interested in bringing some of Little Apocalypse into the more tangible world.

We'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming of creepy, oblique notes and hidden messages tomorrow. See you then!


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