Sunday, October 12

america's really New York

in the world of denial & persuasion
- those speaking the truth & pulling back the curtain are mocked & jeered until others start saying the same things then they become a threat
- we stand upon the souls we once were only transported through time remembering more & more there is a possibility it could be our time to become the pharoh or cause the pharoh to fall
- either way it is unimportant as the children all go insane they will not even be guided by mere thoughts or emotions or anything they think they know
- the draft is coming I feel the cold it is in the air there will be no petitions no contracts this draft has us all if we live through the conjuring - placid days coming to hypnotize the subtle shape & shift brings illusion of grandeur promising much unless much awareness is granted destruction will come from those less observant - to call a tune strum one down pour the mead you see I'm not sure when but this is about to be a very long journey - open the doors to those of dirty hands it means they work hard listen closely to the quiet voice for they are reserved & have learned much follow not the pretty smile to the slaughter

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