Sunday, October 5

Sunday Updates - October 5

This week in the apocalypse:

*The long-awaited continuation of "Parade."
*Zim isn't getting much sleep.
*Stewart almost has her. She's so close he can touch her.
*An RSS feed's been added to the blogger.
*We've added a MySpace music page where you can add music by RJ and Brandon to your page.

Once again we had our biggest week ever, topping 1000 hits in one day. We also got a review on Grimrack'd's Dross blog.

We're looking into options for making the newer additions easier to get to, so that those of you that keep coming back don't have to follow the entire chain back to where you left off. We're considering an RSS feed for the site itself, but have certain reservations. Other options could be a weekly updated sitemap, an updates page on the site somewhere, an email newsletter.... Let us know if you have ideas, and what would work best for you.

See you next week!


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