Thursday, October 2

growing dead things

they’ve planted the seeds watered them profusely grown them quickly with their toxic debris around all of those that now can’t grow (around all of humanity) genetically enhanced to need them in order to feed blinded the shell cannot see (no more opened eyes, 3rd generation full of lies) Where to drink or where to feed? withering upon the land as it dies too ingestion of the toxic stew provided & told to consume & another box gets made to separate the Earth from man (again) clocks in my head are ticking differently (than their atomic machines) some think I am crazy some want to see me bleed the words of angels you’ve ignored those words were seeds (unadorned) listen listen as the world grows smaller it’s even easier to see if you haven’t spent your soul in this society there’s always a dream to bring to life always a way to make it reality
raging waters Where have you gone? damned them all and took the spawn from it’s tree as if it were we living underwater (fish in the trees) or like we’re endless beings (in these bodies) like nothing bad will happen (if we all just go along) like we shouldn’t be like we shouldn’t care a thing like we should hoard these papers white & green like we should always watch tv (to find reality) like we weren’t anyfuckingthing at all
your rain is a lie your rain is acid and I don’t fear (not a fucking thing) not even you your rain is a lie your rain is a lie (reign) your rain is a lie your rain is a lie but the poison seeps on through it’ll kill the best of them it’ll kill the best of them &
they keep standing still &
they keep watching them kill ("honey turn up the tv please") as you kill yourselves standing still Don’t you notice you’ll never see those who "lead" doing much more than following the Same old playbook
the Same old thing the Same old direction from another Regime (nothing original of course) play by play? &
that ain’t no lie

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