Wednesday, October 1

they came

they came from distant places
destroying the land
all those who
sought her just reward
planting seed
they came
to cover the truth
to file grievances with even their own creator
to have us all
(me & you)
do the same
even though our Creator(s)
were different
they came
to make simulations of what was once living
sell it to us all
(you & me)
at prices too steep to be even considered
just to feed their need
they came
honoring nothing
preparing never to soften their hearts
that is if these beings
even have those
I watched
from a distant consciousness
to understand the meaning of it all
to show Creator(s) I still care
to thank them for the chance
to become apostate for truth
in hopes of finding some answer
to what they've done
I wait for another life
to express my talents honed
the music in my head
must wait to be played when the victory dance begins
they came
as the clock ticked
the time moved awkwardly
yet everyone seemed too busy
to even notice
they came
disguising themselves
infusing their needs
through calculated breeding
through repetitous teachings
through confusion
through creating other gods to honor
to lessen our value
make slaves of us all
pray now to the corporation who provides for you
as they prey upon your life-force
a trade I can never find rational
run with the hunt if you choose
but remember
pack mentality
the larger the crowd you stand in
the less humane you become

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