Saturday, May 3


It's an uncommonly known fact.

The parts are greater than the whole.

More now than ever before.

Maybe we just see it more easily.

Maybe it's that we can -

 we can take the time to see beyond the moment.

The why.   why not?

The how.

More specifically...

What did we do?   everything wrong

Where do we go from here?   We don't have that kind of control

There is more information on the map than there is in the space the map is referencing.

There are secrets in darkness.

Between the lines, if you will.


Thursday, May 1


It's like....

We know we're gonna die someday. That's a fact. Everyone that lives dies. Heck, it might even be tomorrow. This is accepted. But we hope not. And we have no doubt that it will all still be there in the morning, waiting on us to get the fuck out of bed. Everyone's always surprised when it's not.

I think it was kind of like that. Given enough time, given history's example, we knew the whole thing was going under. Eventually. Probably. But not this time! No. This was just another false alarm. Everything was still going to be there in the morning.

It was not.

Live everyday like

Smashing things to pieces is surprisingly easy. Things disappear. Everyone will die. All of this came as a surprise. But I think now we know. It could all go tomorrow.

It could already be gone.