Wednesday, November 26

Let's be Frank

"What do we do about the situation in Arakansas?"

"What situation?"

"Don't fucking play with me. You are fully aware of what I'm speaking of."

"I cannot tell you how important it is to.."

"I know protocol! I also know this is not.."


".. someone called Frank?"

"No one calls Frank. He knew."

"How does he know?"

"He always knows"

Sunday, November 16

Sunday Updates 11/16/08

Is there really a bomb? Is there really a disease? Where are the Barrens?


And they're right behind you. Don't get vertigo and fall.


Wednesday, November 5

"So? Entire cities exploded. But really... has anything changed?"

"No. I suppose not. Not really."

"And that's exactly what I've been saying. Whimper. The world dies slowly and quietly."

"You don't even notice it happening."

"Gas has even gone down."


Monday, November 3

indescribable pain
oceans of souls screaming
for help
time ripped to shreds
as also our lives

high to feel right
hurt to not
bleed for fun
bleed for

digesting words I've read
seems I've slept in this bed
so many times before
she says it is ok
we both know it is not
we both lay
but it doesn't make it right
another vein
another life taken tonight
now I am someone else

reflecting are the broken mirrors
more clear than not
multiple dimensions of past lives
things no one should ever remember
or care to
shallow waters have now engulfed me as I shrink
depth has ultimately caused death
Where do I run now that I understand I am not alive?
no tune can soothe

oh how I miss the ease of the melody!

Sunday, November 2

Sunday Updates 11/2/08

This week in the apocalypse:

Little Apocalypse will be light on the updates next week (if we post anything), while Cassie's in Florida. But we'll be back soon. Also, remember this word: house. You might have use of it soon.