Wednesday, October 7

freezing sun planetshift

circling this planet Earth right now are
our former homes
each spinning silently
as though forboding
as though chastizing
watching what we have done
so many times before
be done again

the sun isn't nearing
global warming is not coming
the sun is burning out
we have been hopping from planet to planet
destroying each as we go
robbing it of all it's valuable life-giving resources
the sun isn't nearing
this planet is being destroyed
that is why the heat has come

this is the human race
this is what we have been running
only the elite
the bloodlines traced
will escape to the next planet
as this one decays
then begins to repair
as the sun fades one more degree

the rest of us have been catering to these alien needs
we have been fooled
into believing we were important
in believing enough to worship their idols
false gods
into striving for something we can never acheive
being led by mind bending lies
illusions of unimportance to the ones behind the scenes

there is something coming though
there will be a great awakening
after that I am not sure
after that only questions arise

it is vital that you start to look at this world as an outsider
for this is what the majority of us truly are in our hearts
those born here don't even feel as though they belong
there is much going on in space
many things you haven't been told
great solar winds will eliminate complete cover-ups
secrets coming in dreams to some
visions to others
as a preperation
close your eyes now and sleep
the chryogenic chambers have been prepared