Monday, September 29

You are the alien

I don't know who I wanna talk to I just wanna talk to someone don't know where I wanna go but I know I wanna go somewhere so sick & tired of the sickness around me it's creepin' in I wanna to be free of it I wanna be unaffected we all want the same things we all should do what we love but the program is set up to teach us to push & shove do what we hate for a buck screw our best friends to get a new truck sell our family for popularity What the fuck? What the fuck? you've been burning my ears with your circles you go 'round in unable to break the cycle you fall too bad you cannot learn from your mistakes you just drag others down as you crawl so everybody looks like you you bring us down bring us down just to keep your habits alive you bring us down bring us down make us look small make yourself look tall bring us down I don't know you & I guess I never have anyway I don't need a leach I need no monkey on my back I need nothing more than happiness and the search for my past so fuck off now bring someone else down just fuck off now bring someone else down my coat-tails are not for you to ride upon my heartfelt words are not for you to steal my life is not for you to try to destroy so fuck yourself bring someone else down keep your distance before I go nuclear I've had enough of your kind you are the alien

Sunday, September 28

Sunday Updates 9/28/08

This week in the apocalypse:

-The nameless "I" in The Barrens is revealed
-The nameless "she" in Stewart's life is revealed
-The world continues to crumble
-Jason Lammons and Brian Cotton join the Little Apocalypse

We had a great week this week. Not only am I really happy with the progression of the story, but exposure and hits have increased dramatically. Thank you to everyone who has shared their talents and helped spread the word!

See you next week, if the world is still here....


Praying for Pain

The following contribution comes from material written by Jason Lammons.

The halls all seem longer and the room dimensions quadrupled; voices amplified to the point of whispers.

The world will sleep for many more years - it must be this way. Only after the change can they see what is true, in front of their faces.

We have seen all that will happen from looking to our past.

2morrow is nuclear      \please find another way\\

You never hear someone praying for pain or more burdens. Maybe they should, as it would inevitably develop their soul. Who said consciousness should ever have anything to do with being eternal?


Those were the last words out of my dream this morning. I am not sure if they were ringing in my head or coming out of my mouth.

     clocks in my head           are      ticking differently

A constant barrage of lunacy hastens me; I just want to stay insane (rather than out of sane).

The halls all seem longer and the room dimensions quadrupled, voices amplified to the point of whispers.



Wednesday, September 17


On the road…The Road…Driving…I’m awake (I think)…It’s hard to tell…These days…night…whatever…Everything is dark…My headlights seem feeble, pushing against a wall of nothing…I can feel it moving, somewhere…To the left (maybe)…Keeping pace…Have to keep moving…

Monday, September 15

Sunday Updates 9/14/08

*Wyoming is an old Indian word for "no state here."
*No one knows where the lake came from.

*And, AND - we've got a downloads page up now. Check out the additions from Arajay and Brandon French. Our biggest, sloppiest kisses to them! We've got a piece from Brian Cotton for you, too, but we'll save that a few more days.


Saturday, September 13


They tell you that houses are still…They aren’t…Ever…If you sit in the dark, listening, you hear them breathing, shifting…Whispering…Midnight conversations between the shadows, the memories in the walls and the long minutes of the night…When I stir, they quiet, waiting…I worry, sometimes, about what they’re waiting for…

Friday, September 12

It Isn't Time...

She tells me, when I can catch her, that it isn’t time...”It’s coming,” she says, then runs off again…I chase her…I’m always chasing her…I know I’m not the only one and that scares me…Trees rushing by…The sounds of footfalls, heavy and echoing behind me…Us…Overtaking me trying to overtake her…For the breath, I would scream…To her…For her…

Tuesday, September 9

The World Ends While I Sleep

The World Ends While I Sleep.

I fall into a boundless darkness, then...The red-haired girl...The dead men, one I know to be dead (he has to be dead)...The other still breathing but gone all the same...Road and Rivers...Trains and Lost Movie Houses...When I wake, the night bleeds...Alone...Cold...Helpless...

I don't understand...