Thursday, December 25

comparisons/to sacrifice

the essence of a human
water mixed with blood
slapped in the skull a brain
the pounding of the heart
as the nerves crouch slightly
at chalkboard fingernails
bone in mouths open wide
preparing to masticate
preparing to assimilate
to introduce something new
into the body
bones wired with veins>br>
so the blood
can pour into the organs

pulsing in the ear
throbbing in the muscles
as the chewed food digests
flowing too
providing strength

turn the monitor off
the speakers too
we are done here
let's shut down the CPU
unplug the mouse
it needs arms no more
nor mouth
nor eyes
nor cooling system

unplug the modem
no need for connection anymore
there's no one to connect to
they've all downloaded themselves
they've left me to live in a virtual world
with virtual friends
virtual ideas
virtual rockstars
on virtual dreamscapes
reality has been pushed aside
to take the backseat
as in real life they slave and toil
refrigerate themselves at the end of the day
those of us left alone to balance the shift
but for unconcerned
we are never to be honored
our duty is clear
time has proven the reason
these times are giving the call
we shall answer

Sunday, December 21


I can't seem to get this dream I had when I was about 5 years old out of my head
I was moving down the hall of my elementary school
towards the gym
but I noticed I was moving kinda weird

this dream correlates to another one I has in my teens
but in a different way
I remeber I was trying to punch someone
someone that was trying to cause harm to me
but it was as if I wa underwater

then there are the dreams I have had in my 20's
of large robots
lasers firing from their eyes or cannons
defeating them with a mirror

then the flying dreams
they felt so real

What is this all about?

ancient words constantly appearing in my head
resurrected in digital realms
interacting with other organic lifeforms through retinas
changing neurochemical activity
forcing me to wonder how they are projected into the now

What force is behind these dreams
these visions
these ideas?

waking from the 1st black
dream I've ever had
I realize who I have been at least once before
Is it some form of illusion I am trapped under?
Could this be a joke the ancients are playing on me/us?
something seems wrong here
so underlying wrong that nothing can be done about it

Am I awake now?

Friday, December 5


Zim says (10:28 AM):
are you okay?
Molly says (10:28 AM):
Yeah, why?

Zim says (10:28 AM):
you know that feeling I get?
Molly says (10:28 AM):
Impending doom?
Zim says (10:28 AM):
like something really bad is coming?
Molly says (10:28 AM):
Zim says (10:28 AM):
I got that a few minutes ago
Zim says (10:28 AM):
it's usually right
Zim says (10:29 AM):
I don't know what it could be, but I have it
Molly says (10:29 AM):
Everything's fine here.
Zim says (10:30 AM):