Tuesday, October 28

Magic Cow

Oh, and we thought we were so original.... (LOL)

From Cabanon Press.


Sunday, October 26

Sunday Updates 10/26/08

We haven't been very good about telling you about updates, but they have been going up. Here's some recent stuff for you:

Some short stories have been added:

Jonathan is dealing with a pile of bodies.

Stewart is leaving notes for Zim.

Zim's been writing in his journal.

Molly pretends not to see it.

Molly & Zim put up a flickr account.

Molly & Zim's map has been updated.

Until next week, have a safe trip!


Sunday, October 12

america's really New York

in the world of denial & persuasion
- those speaking the truth & pulling back the curtain are mocked & jeered until others start saying the same things then they become a threat
- we stand upon the souls we once were only transported through time remembering more & more there is a possibility it could be our time to become the pharoh or cause the pharoh to fall
- either way it is unimportant as the children all go insane they will not even be guided by mere thoughts or emotions or anything they think they know
- the draft is coming I feel the cold it is in the air there will be no petitions no contracts this draft has us all if we live through the conjuring - placid days coming to hypnotize the subtle shape & shift brings illusion of grandeur promising much unless much awareness is granted destruction will come from those less observant - to call a tune strum one down pour the mead you see I'm not sure when but this is about to be a very long journey - open the doors to those of dirty hands it means they work hard listen closely to the quiet voice for they are reserved & have learned much follow not the pretty smile to the slaughter

Friday, October 10

Just dust

I turned my head too quickly. The disorientation was a result of the sudden shift of perspective. I stood up too suddenly. The black vapor I caught in my peripheral vision was an illusion caused by a change in blood pressure. I cleaned recently. The mists in the air are only dust caught in the sunlight. There's not really anything there. I'm pretty sure of it.


Tuesday, October 7

eternal bodybag?

was like heaven but you see where I am now
it gets hotter than a hundred in the summer with no clouds
...I've been dragged down
but at the same time I've been dragging myself
for so long
to think I was someone special once upon a time
it's like
a seriously psychological delusion
the world doesn't mind
letting me know
I said to the butler here're the keys
then walked out with nothing
nothing is what I'll be
forced myself into slavery
What is this that I've done?
tried to go back home
but now there is none
tried to reach you through prayer
tried to reach you through war
tried to reach you through self-destruction (there's not enough wine)
found the silence I never wanted to find
the lost connection
but I am still here on the line
What is this that I've done?
What is this that I've done?
Is this what I thought I wanted sometime before now?
Is there any going back?
Or is this the meltdown I am not strong enough to hack?
Is this the world shifting it's pole(s) to bring life back?
Is this the way we are truly supposed to grow?
Does this ever end?
Or is this the eternal bodybag which I souly own?

Sunday, October 5

Sunday Updates - October 5

This week in the apocalypse:

*The long-awaited continuation of "Parade."
*Zim isn't getting much sleep.
*Stewart almost has her. She's so close he can touch her.
*An RSS feed's been added to the blogger.
*We've added a MySpace music page where you can add music by RJ and Brandon to your page.

Once again we had our biggest week ever, topping 1000 hits in one day. We also got a review on Grimrack'd's Dross blog.

We're looking into options for making the newer additions easier to get to, so that those of you that keep coming back don't have to follow the entire chain back to where you left off. We're considering an RSS feed for the site itself, but have certain reservations. Other options could be a weekly updated sitemap, an updates page on the site somewhere, an email newsletter.... Let us know if you have ideas, and what would work best for you.

See you next week!



Thursday, October 2

growing dead things

they’ve planted the seeds watered them profusely grown them quickly with their toxic debris around all of those that now can’t grow (around all of humanity) genetically enhanced to need them in order to feed blinded the shell cannot see (no more opened eyes, 3rd generation full of lies) Where to drink or where to feed? withering upon the land as it dies too ingestion of the toxic stew provided & told to consume & another box gets made to separate the Earth from man (again) clocks in my head are ticking differently (than their atomic machines) some think I am crazy some want to see me bleed the words of angels you’ve ignored those words were seeds (unadorned) listen listen as the world grows smaller it’s even easier to see if you haven’t spent your soul in this society there’s always a dream to bring to life always a way to make it reality
raging waters Where have you gone? damned them all and took the spawn from it’s tree as if it were we living underwater (fish in the trees) or like we’re endless beings (in these bodies) like nothing bad will happen (if we all just go along) like we shouldn’t be like we shouldn’t care a thing like we should hoard these papers white & green like we should always watch tv (to find reality) like we weren’t anyfuckingthing at all
your rain is a lie your rain is acid and I don’t fear (not a fucking thing) not even you your rain is a lie your rain is a lie (reign) your rain is a lie your rain is a lie but the poison seeps on through it’ll kill the best of them it’ll kill the best of them &
they keep standing still &
they keep watching them kill ("honey turn up the tv please") as you kill yourselves standing still Don’t you notice you’ll never see those who "lead" doing much more than following the Same old playbook
the Same old thing the Same old direction from another Regime (nothing original of course) play by play? &
that ain’t no lie

Wednesday, October 1

they came

they came from distant places
destroying the land
all those who
sought her just reward
planting seed
they came
to cover the truth
to file grievances with even their own creator
to have us all
(me & you)
do the same
even though our Creator(s)
were different
they came
to make simulations of what was once living
sell it to us all
(you & me)
at prices too steep to be even considered
just to feed their need
they came
honoring nothing
preparing never to soften their hearts
that is if these beings
even have those
I watched
from a distant consciousness
to understand the meaning of it all
to show Creator(s) I still care
to thank them for the chance
to become apostate for truth
in hopes of finding some answer
to what they've done
I wait for another life
to express my talents honed
the music in my head
must wait to be played when the victory dance begins
they came
as the clock ticked
the time moved awkwardly
yet everyone seemed too busy
to even notice
they came
disguising themselves
infusing their needs
through calculated breeding
through repetitous teachings
through confusion
through creating other gods to honor
to lessen our value
make slaves of us all
pray now to the corporation who provides for you
as they prey upon your life-force
a trade I can never find rational
run with the hunt if you choose
but remember
pack mentality
the larger the crowd you stand in
the less humane you become